[01] Atty ORLY TAITZ Speaks of falsely imprisoned Atty Richard FINE
by: William Wagener October 25, 2009

After a EXCLUSIVE interview by William WAGENER, of Atty Orly TAITZ on Judge Clay Land,and related Obama issues, she answers on the FALSE IMPRISONMENT of Richard FINE.

[02] California's No. # 1 POLITICAL PRISONER - Richard FINE

William WAGENER, questions Candidate for GOP Nomination
about the 450 Bribe Taking Judges and giving Richard FINE, a full Pardon.

Richard FINE proved Judge David Yaffe was a crook, and like 400+ other L.A. Judges took OPEN Bribes from the County of Los Angeles, and Yaffe failed to recuse himself on the FINE H.Corpus hearing.

In one week, in Feb. of 2009 , The Supreme Court did NOT hear the appeal of the 450 bribe taking judges, but sent its Judicial Council to conspire with Legislative Crooks like Karen BASS in Assembly, and Senator Steinberg in the State Senate to - - get this - - RETRO-ACTIVELY make BRIBE paying and taking by the County LEGAL. With Total disregard of a 1000 y ears of Common Law, that Government can not make legal, nor make ILLEGAL act "RETRO-ACTIVELY". Governor Arnold S. signed it into law.
Richard FINE won at the Ca.

Appeals Court, that it was illegal, criminal and a civil tort. THAT has not been reversed. So Richard Fine should have collected his "Atty Fees:", from the 400+ L.A. judges. Instead, Judge Yaffe, one of the defendants demanded FINE pay the atty's fees for the 400 judges, and threw Richard Fine in L.A. Jail for Contempt of the crooked "court" making Richard FINE the first imprisoned PATRIOT HERO of the coming 2nd American Revolution. Since March 4th, 2009 Atty. Richard Fine has rotted in jail for the "crime" of "Contempt" of a crooked set of Judges who took open bribes ILLEGALLY for decades.

What will YOU DO about it? Will you demand the candidates for Legislature pass a bill rescinding x-211 and order Richard FINE released? Is that too much trouble
to just ask the question of your California Candidate?